Rebecca Black - Friday

Internet sensation.

kill me now

Me first!! :w00t::crazy:

me next!!1! auto-tune makes my ears bleed :sick:

you banged your head again Martin?

That Bob Dylan one’s not half bad… and ‘sensation’ does not always mean ‘good’ :smiley: I may have damaged my hearing with biking, but I’m not deaf yet!



hey!!!..that was Bill Fking Murry!!!:w00t:


I blame you Martin!!!

Parents paid 2000 dollars for this $hit… and few million people got brain damaged from that…
It’s a cheapest weapon of mass destruction :smiley:

Ahh Friday by that girl, Satan at work…and he’s on form

The only saving grace is knowing that she’ll never live it down :satisfied:

I feel for the girl to be honest … she’s 13 ffs :unsure:

It’s made over a million in download sales though