Reasons why we ride a bike!...

Just clearing some files on my computer and found this little nugget of wisdom! :slight_smile: Can’t remember where I got this, but it’s quite true! :wink:

Adrenaline, freedom, power, the rush of acceleration, the naked chaos, the liberty, the acceleration, the lack of queuing, the unbelievable quality of braking, the leather, the fresh air, the winding country roads, the cost, the warmth of the cuppa at the end of the ride, bacon and sausage sandwiches, the community, the meets, the ride-outs, the camaraderie that car drivers don’t have, the fact that my top of the range bike, costs about a quarter of what a really boring gutless powerless, dull family car would cost, the speed, the thrills, the hot chicks that ride bikes, the hours spent fixing my own bike, the cost I save doing it, the horrified looks of the cagers as they see me doing something that looks scary but isn’t, the angry looks of the cagers as they glower at each other’s exhaust pipes whilst I commute, cornering, learning something new, the ease of maintaining my own vehicle, the amount of stuff I’ve learnt by becoming a biker, that I would never know if I was say in a Golf or a Mercedes, the people I’ve met, the places I’ve been the rides I’ve had, the rides I will have… want me to go on…? :cool:

Nice one! :smiley:


gotta love filtering down the motorway

I just like the noise.

They just don’t understand do they!?

(the rest, I mean)

got asked by a girl in town as i was parking up the other day: “don’t you get scared riding one of those?”

and with a grin i answered not often :smiley: as previously said, they just don’t get it

I go to the shops on mine for cigarettes and crisps.

NJ - you smoke? :pinch:

How much petrol could that buy!

I can live without the bacon and sausage sandwiches!

Don’t get me started on the dishwater cuppas!

And I can’t stand the artlessness of motorcycle maintenance!

I bike - just because I can.

thank you, nobody’s ever quoted me before… its a nice feeling :slight_smile:

Scooterassassin (26/05/2010)

NJ - you smoke? :pinch:

How much petrol could that buy!


Just the odd pouch of rolling tobacco every now and again when I’m feeling stressed.