Rearsets for a CBR600rr

Was at Snetterton the other day and wore a good chunk out of my boots. Also finding i cant lean the bike as far as i would like (never an issue i thought id have).

Currently, I have the stock footpegs on, so thinking its time for rearsets, does anyone have any opinions on them?

its a 2003 CBR600rr.
Gilles, Woodcraft and lextek don’t make them
Valter are either silly expensive (£600) or not adjustable (£320)
Vortex seem alright, but I can’t find a UK seller
R&G or Bonamici are both about £420.

any others ive not thought of, or experience on these?

If it’s your boots touching the ground, not the footpeg, it may be your body position that needs work, not the changes to the bike. It’s an area of rider improvement that can really help at the track.

Though if you’re sure it’s the rearsets, all the brands you mention apart from Vortex are known good to me. Might be worth seeing if there’s anything second hand on eBay. I wouldn’t recommend generic Chinese rearsets though, even imitation ones. I’ve gone down that route before and had to return them as they’ve not fitted properly.

Rearsets seem to have gone up in price massively. I don’t know of anything under £400! Even the PP Tuning ones I used to swear by back in the day (long with Gilles) are now in that price range, i.e.

I’m catching the footpeg a little, not as much as the toe. It’s an issue that’s only going to get worse though

my foot looks roughly in the right place too, possibly a bit further back.

Ive dismissed the Chinese ones, it realy dont want one to fail at the wrong time. the pp ones look alright, but with brexit the import fees would make it non-workable

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