Rear Wheel Stiff

I’ve not ridden my bike for about 10 days, but today when trying to move it, the rear wheel gave a great deal of resistance to the point it was hard to push backwards.

Recently Numnum put a new rearset on and more recently I changed the levers.

I checked it wasn’t in gear, started fine and the clutch seemed okay. Could there just be some air in the system me having changed the levers that needs to work it’s way out?

Should I just have a gentle ride and see how it is after?

Air wouldn’t make it solid, maybe the new pedal is slightly pushing on the master cylinder?

Tight spot on chain?

Not likely if it happens constantly…although, that is a question - is it happening all the time? If it was just an initial thing, the pads could have just seized to the disk, if it’s only happening every so often it’s more likely to be chain or bearings or the like.

It seems pretty constant. It doesn’t look like the rear brake is engaged by the lever/pedal. Usual play and I can see it engaging the rear master cylinder as I press the pedal down.

unbolt the rear caliper and do it again, might have a piston stuck in a seal

Get it on a paddock stand so you can have a look

Check spacers, chain tension, caliper position…

Unbolt the caliper and spin the wheel, see it that solves it

no spacers on single sider conrad :P…i sometimes have this if i leave a bike sitting for a few days or more,usually it’s a sticky piston and the rear brake is slightly on and once ridden and a few dabs of the rear brake it goes away.good sign telling you to pull apart the caliper and give it a good clean and or replace seals if needed.

Okay, what we have to remember is my ineptitude when it comes to bikes and maintaining them.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought I must have done something wrong fitting the brake lever. I had.

On these ones, there’s a little cylinder that I should have spun so an indented part was visible for the bit from the housing on the bike to slot into. The originals don’t have this, the other aftermarkets I had didn’t have this… Effectively, the brakes where being slightly pressed when I wasn’t touching them.

Sorted. Don’t mind me. :blush:


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