Rear wheel not spinning freely in gear with the clutch in

Yesterday i rather absent mindedly took my bike off of the centre stand completely oblivious to the fact that it was still in first gear… It cam down with a thud and stopped as the clutch was engaged. So i pulled the clutch in and started to push forward and it goes a little way and then stops. I have adjusted the clutch cable to multiple positions to see if i had just streched it during the jolt but i cant seem to get the wheel to spin freely with the clutch disengaged…

I did at one point get the wheel to move continuosly round with the clutch in but it took much more effort than it should have and did not spin freely.

Im certain it is not break drag as in neutral the wheel will spin.

It will go into neutral which i have been told is a sign that the plates are not damaged.

it will also move forward in gear - though i haven’t yet ridden it on the road so dont know it if will pull normal speeds.

And if it is of any concequence, it has just had new chain and sproket, and it was (almost) dropped on its side before this happened but it was still moving fine after the dropping incident…

Any body have any ideas on what ive done this time :crying:

I’m by no means an expert, but have you check the clutch lever for any signs of foul play? Could it be snagged somehow?

Good luck with it!

hmm new chain too tight ?

Well I have adjusted the clutch cable and ridden from london back to Reading and the issue has gone and everything seems to working fine… But i will keep an eye on it and take into consideration your advice

Thanks guys

Its normal