Rear wheel clunk

My bike has suddenly developed a clunk/squeak somwhere around the rear wheel area.
I noticed this when pushing the bike backwards when in neautral, turned off. It also does it regularly when pulling off in 1st.
It’s sort of a grinding, then a clunk.
The chain and sprockets are 4months old and just been adjusted. Wheel seems straight. Bearings have also been done last month.
Any ideas??

One of the cush drive rubbers might need replacing?

Could well be, how can I check this? Just See if they look worn?

Hello mate - a quick way of checking is to put the bike on a paddock stand, put it into gear (engine off :wink: ) - rotate the wheel back and forwards - if the drive sprocket hub stays in complete static connection with the rear wheel its usually ok . But if you do this and there is a delay in the hub and sprocket moving ie play, then the cush drive rubbers are worn out.

Did you change the sprocket carrier bearing as well as the wheel bearings ?
is the rear caliper free ?

On inspection of wheel bearings, they have indeed sunk. Would wheel bearings make this grinding noise though?

Unless it is a self-correcting bearing and it is out of alignment it would complain usually in the form of heat and noise.

It seems to do it the most when it’s sat for a long time
ie. First thing in the morning