Rear Tyre U-Lock?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to get a large U-Lock that’ll fit around a 180 tyre? Or even some kind of beefy sized shackle?

I have a nice ground anchor and would like to utilise a heavy chain and U-lock combo.
Thanks in advance.

You can certainly get a shackle that size … but for a 180cm + gap your talking a 200t test shackle they are mega bucks and very very heavy you would need 3 of you to lift the thing lol . Better looking at cable or chain .

Get a push bike d lock and run it trough one of the big spokes? That is, if your bike has cast wheels with three spokes or similar

^^ I was going to suggest the same. I use an Almax chain through a ground anchor on the back wheel, locked off tight with a squire close shackle padlock. The front has an Oxford boss alarm u-lock throughone of my spokes with a squire chain running to the same Squire padlock at the back. The oxford boss u-lock closes just tight enough around the spoke to get a chain link on it but doesnt leave enough slack to get a pair of bolt cutters on it.
Thus a thief would potentially need to remove both wheels to get mine.

Thanks guys. Just so you know I have got an Oxford Sentinal U-lock (180x320) which is larger than the more secure Oxford Magnum (170x315).
It doesn’t fit a 150 tyre unless you put it on sideways through the rim.

What I have been looking at recently is car and caravan clamps.
Particularly one known as Pyramid Clamplok.

The seller tells me it splits into two halves so I can hook the bottom half around my anchor and the other half around the rear wheel.
At the cheap price of £17 I’m not expecting too much. Costs nothing so I’ll give it a go anyway.

Oh my

That pyramid clamp lock looks like it’d lose out to a jumnior hacksaw in less than 30 seconds

Have a word with PJB inter webby wotsit