Rear tire valve is not in the rear tyre!

went to tighten the valve this morning after checking the air pressure and the rear valve flew off! :w00t:

tyre was deflated before i got to K (FUC)!!

now what:

f) take wheel off - take it to garage? (need to buy tools - and although i know its easy not taken the wheel of before)?
u) roll it to garage (its 2 miles)?
c) call breakdown insurance?




AA/RAC will at least be able to recover you to a tyre place if they can’t fix it.

p.s. chicken strips :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s fairly unusual, never seen it before.
No wonder the tyre was flat if the valve body wasn’t secure !
If you were near me, I’d pop round and fit a new valve for you… but as it is I reckon breackdown fellas have got to be the way (as long as you have homestart)

Will call the breakdown guys tomorrow i think and mention they need to put a new valve in!

@Gurninman yeah it was very odd! the valve looked abit dry/cracked
@AG dont you know chicken is good for your pecs! :smiley:

What about getting a mobile tyre person to come around? I’m sure I’ve heard of mobile tyre guy on a motorbike operating in London.

whats the point of sending a van that cant carry a motorbike? have to wait another 2 hours now :ermm:

What’s the point in getting a van to take your bike away if you can get somebody on a motorbike to fix it there and then?

more to the point… when was the tyre last changed ? and was the valve changed at the same time? if it was dry and cracked then it needed changing! at least it didn’t spit you off at speed!