Rear Paddock Stand for CBR 600F4 1999

Can’t seem to find a way without drilling maybe? No bobbin holes etc.

Anyone know of a Rear Paddock stand that I can actually use on this bike. I can’t seem to find any cotton reels that would do the job. Maybe hit me up with a link for a stand that will fit the swing arm?

Sorry, new to this, always had a Center stand and this bike don’t have one.

You guys surely MUST have the solution cos the previous owner removed the Center stand :wink:

Get one that doesnt need bobbins,just goes under swingarm or ABBA stand is an option:).This image is from the M&P website

Thanks mate.

I just been on the Huge, 3 page paddock stand thread and I then checked the Abba stand out but at £100 that is a bit pricey.

This will be stable enough just on the swing arm then?

I’ve used the same paddock stand for a ZX12,ZX10,Honda Hornet etc,easy to use and with practice you’ll be able to put it on by yourself. :smiley:


I had to clean and lube the chain today. Bike forwards, bike back side stand down and so on.

Pain in the arse.:slight_smile:

A couple of £10 quid bottle jacks under the swing arms (Alley frame though) would be fine yes?

Ahh, ya know what.

I found a swing arm, rear stand.

£40 quid from J&S It will do until I fork out for an Abba Stand.

Least ways I don’t have to wheel the bike around to oil the chain or spin it (the wheel) on the Side stand.

What a relief:)

£40 notes is not bad and it’s pretty solid and will pass me through until I get the better one.