Rear hugger

Hi to you all

Help me please i’m after a carbon rear hugger for my 750 K5 due to the stone chips under the rear tail section i have been looking at the products from Evolutions composites but i’m not sure ?

Which is the right one for the money???

Can someone share some info on huggers?


The 750 is an odd bike to get huggers for, there doesn’t seem to be one ‘spot on’ design, I know as I had a K4 750 and spent ages looking, but just didn’t like any I saw. Evolution Composites work is brilliant though, very well made products and great quality CF. If you like the look of it, it’ll be a good buy.

Iv got a Evo Comp vented hugger that will fit brand new £50.

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Hi Pete

If it fits a 750K5 i will have it off you no probs, can you post a picture of it?

Thanks Jay for the advise…

Here it is




will that fit? it looks like a 750k3 one?

If your sure it will fit where when to collect,do you want me to email you regarding buying.

Its for a GSXR1000K4 ive emailed Evo Comp will let you know tom mate, if you can wait.

Thanks pete,

I will wait there’s no rush as and when…

Iv just got email back from Evo and the hugger wont fit, sorry about that mate.


Shame! its a good price thank you tho for your help i wil try and sell it through my friends they have k41000s .

C U soon .


I can recommend Evo Composites huggers i have one and the quality is great. Worth the extra.

Hi archie

sorry for the late reply mate Yes i think it will have to be a evo they do look good your hugger looks wicked!!!

Suzuki’s rule !