Rear Hugger Screw & Bracket Needed - K4 GSXR

I was fitting my new exhaust tonight and noticed that the screw and bracket that holds the rear brake pipe had dissapeared, if anyones got a spare they dont need give me a shout

Attatched a pic aswell



My mate appears to have a living room full of K4 bits and I’m sure he doesn’t need them all - I’ll find out tomorrow if he’s got a spare screw/bracket

Brilliant cheers

Cable tie

Thats what I was gonna do but the hole doesnt go all the way through the swing arm

got one here for you mate call it a fiver all sorted.

Madman is your friend selling any of the bits for his K4?


can you see if ur m8s got a spare top fairng bracket aswell please

i need 1 to put me bike bk on the road


Just jumping on bandwagon of K4 6oo owners stocking up on parts? lol

Mad, pls ask mate whether they have a spare front brake master cylinder reservoir mounting bracket available… probably good idea for them to stick up a spares sale inventory in the ‘for sale’ section


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Okay Madshe…

Didn’t think a mad thingy would really care

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Sorry guys, but all the stuff that’s not being used to rebuild his trashed bike is on ebay… except…

K4 / K5 intergrated tail unit with yellow cover so best off on a yellow bike

Both sides of K4 750 fairings, o/s is mint, n/s some scratches but not too bad

and 750 tail unit, 3 scratches on n/s sticker but not through the paint at all

and some of this too lol

he took the computer off me and added all the pics, sorry