Rear ended by a traffic warden

What’s the world coming to? Sat at a red light earlier today and felt a sudden thud. Turned round and shouted at the driver of the van behind who had just driven into me only to discover they were a traffic warden.

I pointed to the side of the road and they pulled over. Out jumped three wardens who then surrounded me saying it was my fault for being in front of them. I pointed out that they were at fault as they hit me. To which, and you’re not going to believe this, the driver said, and I quote, “if you ride a bike you should expect this to happen”.


They then went on to question how long I had been riding on the grounds that I didn’t know what I was doing. I again pointed out that I was stationary when they hit me and that they were at fault.

Hell hath no fury like a biker scorn…

Wait out for the result of my diatribe to the council.

“I again pointed out that they were stationary when they hit me and that they were at fault.”

Did you back your bike into them and then blame it on them? lol

WTF ! You can have it from someone else and be civilised but from a traffic warden?? Sorry to hear that mate

Ooops, Been a long day.

They’re still gits though

Hope you give them S*** Mate and take them to the cleaners!!!

You’re so lucky with those big bikes: my scooter doesn’t have a reverse gear…

I hope you called the cops! You should definitely go to the doctor’s tomorrow, I can see the whiplash from here. Ouch!

Which council did they belong to? and I hope you got all the insurance details.

Cheers mate. Exactly my thoughts.

Lucky the top box took the brunt of it.

In K&C.

Don’t worry, took photos of them, their van and their badges. They didn’t like that very much

They wouldn’t give names though.

Lol they really are a bunch of bar stewards no wonder noone likes 'em.

Doh! Unlucky Mini-Mo! I believe they’re legally oblidged to give you their name and contact details! A strong letter to their controller/manager with the photos and watch them get in trouble, I’m sure you’ll get a pleasant letter back with the insurance details, or cash offer. Buggers!

Post the pictures up here mate!

Sorry to hear mate. Make sure you go and see the doctors about your whiplash ‘injuries’. All the best.

What a fu**ing cheek!!! Thats unbelievable… You could get them into serious trouble with this… Go for it…

Let’s hope so! I hate the K&C parking attendants with a vengeance! I’ve only had a bike for 21 months (just under two years for those mathematically-challenged ), and I’ve had about twenty parking tickets. Two of which I never received (“somebody must have taken them from your bike”) and the rest when I was parked legally in the P&D bays.

In case you don’t remember, it were these clowns (APCOA) that were the subject of the BBC whistleblower doco in the summer! As a result of that, the council is reviewing their contract, allegedly.

I’m sure they will say, though, that you reversed into them. A girl from another forum was bumped into by somebody reversing a Chelsea Tractor and of course couldn’t get out of the way. When she confronted the driver, the driver told her that as she saw the car was reversing, she should have reversed too, and was genuinely surprised to hear that bikes don’t have a reverse gear. (How cool would that be, though!)

How’s the whiplash btw?

they are unbelievably this bunch feel for you got a ticket recently needed pi £50 thanks MR WARDEN

Sorry to hear about it, hope there’s no damage to your bike.

Traffic Wardens, hope your gonna make them pay, you could really have a play with them, letter about the incident including there bad manners and obstructive nature, etc. Would be good to get day a track day out of it. I would say post the pics up here but might prejudice your claim.

This does seem to be a common accident, I was run into twice last year. Once was outside a police station and when the driver refused to give me there details, out came the police .

To be fair I wouldn’t have bothered taking it any further if it wasn’t for their attitude.

As a custodian of traffic discipline and emblazoned with K&C insignia they should be a spokes person for the council. So they will meet with the full force of a bureaucratic backlash.

Will keep you posted on the outcome.


Even if it is not their vehicle, it is their responsibility to pass on your claim to their company insurer…

Go to the police, they are now guilty.

Did they damage that laptop in the Top Box? And the Spare £500 race replica helmet needs to be replaced too.