Rear End

I seem to have a bit of an issue with my rear end…and I don’t mean the oversized one attached to me

I have recently removed the heatshield from my CBR600RR cos it looks better with my Micron can, I approached the bike from the back tonight and noticed that the indicator wires are hanging down from underneath my seat unit but every time I tuck them away they just pop out again.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks for me??


Straps aeroplanes together…should hold a couple of wires in place…

Yeah could do I suppose…I thought about velcro or something but thats a bit too technical haha

integrated tail light? i know there not exactly legal but look pretty good

Ah but then my Kellerman LED micro indicators will go to waste :hehe:

You could buy a length of heat shield to wrap around the wires and then use stainless cable ties to hold it up away from the exhaust. Demon Tweaks sell this kind of thing, or Merlin Motorsport etc