Rear Brake Pads

Just thought I’d do the pads and find that I can’t push the pistons in far enough to get the new ones in. Not even using a cramp (no that was a bit brutal but worth a try).

Anyone got any tips?

Does it mean caliper off and strip and new seals etc.?

This has happened to me a lot - generally I’ve just cursed and strained away with pliers or screwdrivers (wedged in between pads to act as a lever - e.g. lever the piston back in) if you perservere it will move - then when you’ve got a bit more of a gap stick the calliper on the disc and bang it on with a rubber mallet.

Bandit rear callipers have a habit of seizing up because they are underslung and exposed to the worst the road can throw at them - this is why they need regular cleaning and greasing - I expect this is your first go at them hence the trouble - when you’ve sorted it at least there will be the consolation that it will be easier next time.

Fingers crossed someone will come on with a more clever solution than the combination of bloody mindedness and brute force I have outlined above.

undo bleed nipple and then press pistons.

if ya dont you are pushing against prssured line, open nipple push piston fluid will come out though.

That’s great both, thanks.

It is the first time I’ve done this on this bike, gradually improving the bike in lots of areas and is satisfying.

Do you need to take the seat panels off to top the master cylinder up or do you tend to do it with a tundish or similar?

also remember you need to push the pistons back square in there bore.

if you dont they get wedged on one side or the other.

try pumping the pedal a tiny bit to puch them out and they try pushing them back in…

If the fluid has been topped up while the pads were worn you could find that as you try to push the pistons in , the master cylinder fills up to capacity preventing any further movement.
As choprocker said ,bleed a bit out and personally i allways bleed the brakes every time i do the pads but you at least need to check the level

Thanks for this.

on me b12 you dont have to take seat panels off totally, just undo the 1s nr tank and pop em off from there, you should be able to get enough room

What year is your B12?


I’m dreading doing the rear pads on my Bandit - calliper is a really terrible design and the pins have totally seized. Only way to get 'em out would be to split and rebuild the calliper, or drill two small holes in the calliper where the back of the pins sit, and poke them out :doze:

try and soak them for a while then get the pliers on em and try to turn em loose.

not so bad splitting calipers, just dont lose the o-rings in between.

Hunt around before buying seals, saw some on the internet for £14.99 and Suzuki dealer wanted £29. Big difference.

Hoping I can avoid splitting the caliper and get those pistons to go in, bless 'em.

the o-rings between the caliper are only about £2 each, still a lot for a poxy bit of rubber though, lolAlways try robinsons foundry for any suzuki spares.

squeeze them in with a big screw driver but with the old pads in