rear brake pads, where?

Where can i get some rear brake pads for my gsxr 1100k, 1989 model?

In london pref nr se london.

mine are fooked at back and not riding till i get em done, so need em sharpish, lol.


There`s a new Suzuki dealer in Finchley Central which has only been open a few months. It was the old Scooter Planet.

Dont know bout se m8, but i use to get bits for me slabbie no probs from spares direct 861 college road NW10 5NH, 020 8969 0741

FWR at Kenington have a large selection,
I got my front and rears for a Bandit 600…'04
Not Suki pads, so would that make them “patent parts”?
Anyhoo, they fit…

get all my 89 slingshot parts from ayegee’s in welling mate…

still stock old tuff…


Cheers all, been to FWR where toby suggested and got some.


dont forget to praise the boys at f.w.r. as everyone seems to slate them at the moment…

Know what you mean Joe,
But they only ever did right by me.
Pads, flat repairs, top deals on tyres too.

Good bunch all round AND

Within pushin distance from my place for the continual probs I have

Dustcarts not withstanding…

Now listen ere sonny… I want lip from you I’ll poke you in the old Ducati … how is that old bone shaker runnin by the way?!

And can I just ask for a round of applause for macp everyone…

Only man to EVER drink a coffee AT A CHRISTMAS PARTY!

Like your style!
Have a great Christmas and New Year mate!

i not going to be buying brake pads from there anymore, or the make they sell anyway, carbon lorraine 1s.

If you look at the date of me first post, prob put em in couple days after,m had to take em out today and heres why:

Just over a month they lasted, ffs.

Fook me blind,

i dont use that much rear pad in the life of the bike.

try using the front a bit more and leave the rear alone.

i dont think its my use of rear brake cos the pair that were on b4 were there for a yr when i first got the bike.

I was wondering if the braking pad bit had actually come off?

thats possible it happend to a set of pads i had in my motor

I did hear a few rumours a while back about the pad material falling off of those pads.