Really Sad news today....

Today,my slingshot Died as the insurance man came around to inspect the damage from when i had an accident back in feb.

it satarted raining as i peeled back the cover and she looked so peacefull…but with water half up to her headlights…she looked like she had been crying…:crying:

i feel so gutted right now as i searched high and low for all the original parts for her,over the past 3 years…replaced 700 pounds worth of internals…and had her back too her former glory,parading her about like she was a newborn baby…

they want to take her away from me but i want to fight to keep her here…and will pay any amount of money to have her stay home…

god bless my beutifull girl…my dream has been taken away from me…

rest in peace…

please can i have one min silence for my little girl…at 12pm…

thanks guys…


not so smiled:(.

I will join you with your pain Shane, count on me mate. :crying:

thanks pav…your a real mate.

im listening to ‘‘Enya-may it be’’:crying:…


when you gonna brake it:)what you want for the carbs :wink:

I’m sure you and your Slinger will ride again mate:cool:


I hope you get to keep her, fella.

TBH…it was the first thing i bought after my mum passed away…she knew it was my dream,and left me just about enough money to do my DAS and buy her…

its more to me than just a bike…its a memory…and whenever we rode togeather, it was like my mum was with me…right next to me…

thats why im so sad…i miss them both so dearley…


:crying:We all sad for ya luvvie…cling onto them happy memories:D

Yeah, what Wise Waspy said x:crying:

Fight to keep her mate. All strength to bike love.

That’s awful news mate - a beautiful bike.

What a un-careing w*nker you are Tug :smiley:

I feel for you Smiled my bestest Buddie, I’ll give you a call mate :slight_smile:

Mate, I’m so sorry to hear this. I know what your slinger meant to you. I missed the silence but my prayers are with you :frowning:

oh,and cdi unit::smiley:

and terry you can f,off i got dibs on the carbs:hehe:

Hope you can keep mate :frowning:

hope the slinger dont go it was your pride and joy mate

so sorry to hear it

I’m sorry dude, the conection to this metal is strong and no messing. I understand. If the insurance want it why?

If you can’t find another way I got some where far away you can stash it until the time is right…ssssshhhhh…:wink:

Sad day :crying: funny how we get attched to things :w00t::smiley:

We go through a lot together - us and our bikes - we experience very strong emotions while riding - from excitement to cold fear - some of us have even cheated death on them - others have not been so lucky - R.I.P.

Often it feel like it’s just us an our bikes against the world. Perhaps - after many thousands of miles - the bike takes on a part of our soul - so when the old warhorse finally goes up to the racetrack in the sky - part of us goes with it.

R.I.P. Slingshot (or perhaps there will be a reprieve?).