Real Fresh Coffee in the Morning when out Camping

For me one of the joys of camping is a fresh mug of coffee, first thing, watching the world wake up.
I just used instant when camping :angry: So imagine my joy when I saw this in Robert Dyas.

The SmartCafé Cafétière Mug, designed by Sebastien Conran. Made of plastic, it’s double walled, so keeps your coffee warm, is light and so far, seems unbreakable.

How does it work? Well you simply boil your water, put you fresh ground coffee in the bottom, poor the water on and rest the plunger on top, while it brews.

After a couple of minutes, push the plunger down, add whatever, and drink. The coffee grounds stay at the bottom.

I picked mine up in the sale for £ 3.50, usually they’re around £6. Google reveals a load available everywhere. If like mgr you like fresh coffee, I’d thoroughly recommend one.
Matt you might want to try it

sorry would not let me add photos??

Run a google & will come up.


You can also get coffee bags - like big teabags but filled with ground coffee.

Oh that’s clever. I like that.

sounds and looks good but im struggling to find a place on the bike for a cupp holder :slight_smile:

I was discussing that with a workmate this morning - a starbucks/arai version of this is surely a winner for the metrosexual motorbike commuter?

i think the budweiser version looks much more appealing to me.

Get yourself a Goldwing.


ooooooooh i want one of them for fishing this winter!!!

me 2

saves heaving the stove/kettle/water everywhere!!

i like to be mobile :smiley: