Ready to say "awwwwww"

Puppy in the house

Don’t worry we’ll get him a set of leathers and on the SV before he gets any bigger.

8 week old Giant Snchauzer and he’s going to be HUGE


If you need an “uncle” to walk him from time to time let me know!

What a cute little fella

Here’s mine


49280020 copy.jpg

Awwwwwww he looks well funky…
here is our funky nutter laying on the cat !!!


my little mastiff named ZOLA…


Mags comes on the bike but I really need to get her some of these

do you have to have a 2nd job to feed him ???

Very cute! Just wait until he starts weeing all over your helmet/leathers, then see if he’s still the cutie Joe! That’s my kind of dog, very nice!

second job for her? she ears loads and so do the othereseven dogs we have and eight cats and fish and hamsters and rabbits and my spider and now we have hatched two chickens…oh yeah i forgot,and six kids …

My cute little Puppy


Andy cute puppy.jpg

You didn’t read the instructions did you. Let me remind you DO NOT PUT IN THE MICROWAVE TO DRY!

this is my kids chick…


Cute! What kinda chick is that?