Ready for a good poke !

Hi, doing the usual and introducing myself and looking forward to a good poke !

I’m new to biking and ride a Honda CBR 125 at the mo and have totally got the bug. Looking at doing the test soon, so I can get a bigger bike, but have no idea what.

Another one YIPPPEEE thats make 10 I think…

see Andrew they are breeding!!!

bring your little one down to Cubana tomorrow - i am taking my little beastie out for a run as well…

oh and

poke poke with the newbie stick

welcome to LB


'ello Annie

Can’t believe I got in here first, so to speak :blushing:

Welcome to LB, the happeningest place on the net for bikers.


Beating at the post by AJ and the stick.

Oh well, runner up spot again.


Welcome to LB, you’ll enjoy it here and at the meets. Come down to Cubana and say Hi to us all.

Welcome to LB Annie. Maybe catch you at Cubana.

Hello Annie, welcome to LB! Hope to see you at our Cubana meet tomorrow night! Details in the General Chat forum!

Hello and welcome to LB enjoy welcome aboard

Hello and Welcome Annie

Good to see another CBR125 on here…ya gotta love them little ones

Welcome to LB Annie

SmacK poke poke with the newbie crutches

welcome annie…

Good on ya Annie; welcome to LB - good luck with ya test whenever you decide to take it. See ya at Cubana or another event somewhere, sometime. Keep it safe! TTFN

… Allo

Yay, another girlie on the forum. Welcome hun, mine’s a baileys with ice please.

aaaaahhhhh a new one who would like a good poke mmmmmhhhhhhh yuuummmmmy ( said in a deep and quite disturbing voice )

Now I’m scared !

Welcome to LB annie what ever you buy make sure its yellow

Annie don’t panic - I’m sure they are harmless!

:wow: I’m still waiting for my ‘poke’… maybe we should have a ‘mass’ poking session

Welcome to LB from one newbie to another.

Loopy Loo, have reviewed your posts, you have already received a good ole pokin! Stop bein greedy, and share the pokin fun.