RE - Tox Programme

Dear all,

You may have seen in recent months lots of get fit products all recommending that you de tox your body to kick start the new year. I have done some research i.e. listened to a bloke down the pub and can tell you all its rubbish.

What you need to do is commence a re-tox program, so wine, women and song are the order of the day. Eat pies, drink beer and feel better about your self, lifes to short to merely be drinking water, expecially when it tastes so much better when its been fermented using barley, hops and in the case of real ale the poor unfortunate rotting carcasses of what ever fell in the VAT.

Exercise, again load of rubbish whats needed to raise your heart rate and get the blood pumping is women wondering around scantily clad. So with all this in mind I am begining a rigorous regime of eating what I like, drinking heavily and enjoying the feamle form. Come on fellas you know it makes sense. Time to re-tox!

PS: Disclaimer I am not medically qualified and all the advise given here makes me feel better, what works for some may not work for others, beer drinking has been known to impair standards and eyeing up totty may leaa to injury from significant other in life.

Wow… how did you manage to work out my post Christmas exersise programme?