re: how to upload pics

hi you’ve probably got the instructions somewhere in the forum (that i can’t seem to find) but i just wanna know how to upload photos? do i need a web host site first? thx

You don’t need to upload them anywhere but here.

When you post, look at the very last lot of options – at the bottom right is ‘Edit Attachments’ where you can upload images directly from your hard drive – so much easier than other forums. (You can choose 3 then hit upload and, once completed, choose another 3).

I hope that helps.

if you use firefox as a browser yes you will need a host, ie photobucket etc

thx guys; it’s coz i use firefox that made the hurdle :slight_smile:

I usually use firefox but do a quick swap back to IE when I wanna upload pics, easier than using a hosting site!

Didn’t know about the Firefox problem . . . but then I’m on a Mac! :smiley:

its the same on a MAC with firefox;) you using safari?

Yep, since MS decided they didn’t like producing IE for the Mac then Safari it has been. It has it’s limitations but not as many as I’ve found with Firefox so stopped using it. I only use Firefox as an additional test browser when I produce web sites or when Safari fails!