Hi all,

I thought I’d re-introduce myself as I haven’t been active in ages. My name’s Thanh and a few of you might remember seeing me at a rideout or two on a YBR trying to keep up. I have since (recently) passed my test and acquired a beautiful '97 CBR600F. Quite a change from the YBR! Every part of my body is aching but the grin is back on my face as I ride so can’t complain.

I will also be selling the YBR ('07 plate blue) so if you know anyone interested, let me know. I’ll post up an ad and some pictures when I stop being lazy.

See you at a ride-out soon!

AWESOME! Congratulations!!

Gotta see the new bike :slight_smile:

Would love to see some pictures of your new bike I was looking at getting a cbr but ended up with the more commuter friendly hornet

Welcome back!

Hi and welcome back.



Helloooooo welcome

Thanks guys! I’ll show off the bike at a ride-out at some point but here’s a picture to tie you over in the meantime:

I was thinking the same but opted for something more ‘fun’ in the end as I have a very short commute anyways. Hope you’re enjoying the Hornet! They are neat bikes.

HI! :slight_smile:

Thanh, that is absolutely lovely! I’m so glad for you :slight_smile:

Thanks Simon! I had doubts after I put down a deposit for it, worried whether it was the right bike for me and what I’m using it for, but they have all gone away now. Super happy about it!

Long time. Last time I saw you was at the midnight ride!

Hi and welcome :smiley:


Daniel! It’s been a while indeed. How’ve you been? Is the ‘new’ can still faring well on the gsx?