Re-gaining a lost licence

Hi folks. My first post as i get back into biking (with any luck).

I had to return to a provisional licence early this year for clocking up 6 points within the first 2 years of having my full licence. Both sp30s and both just were only just over 30mph in a 30 limit… in addition they were the only times i have ever been flased!

Anyway at the time i could only afford to re-take my car licence, i now want to get the bike part back, possibly even sell the car to get back on two wheels!

My question is will i have to re-take my CBT? i still have a certificate so surely that is all the proof i need? Im hoping all i need to do is re-take my theory and practical tests. Can anyone confirm this?


Your CBT should be valid for two years.

Check with DSA but according to the Direct Gov website -

If you had car and bike, and lost them due to the new drivers act, you get both back when you pass a practical test in either category.

Does it say that you ahve a category A entitlement on your licence? Also, when did you do your bike test and when did you do your car test?