Please could every one have ago at chico aka rehan and tell him to start posting stuff on here as he has been a member longer than me and as yet has not posted any thing or if any one would like to see him in person he rides a red honda cb500

Thanks all

Come on Chico mate! Get out of the bushes!


He might be doing Cash and Curry at the moment.

I hate lurkers…

they just sit there… and lurk

Come on, Chico, stop lurking! Join in the fun!

Breaking news!!!

Just spoke to Chico and he said he’ll be online tomorrow as he doesnt have interweb at home. But he’s beiing wussy as he said he might not respond and not introduce himself. WUSS!!!

Anyways i got to asking him why the name Chicco and he said it was a dedication to his idol Chicco from X-factor

And here he is ‘Chicco’ aka Mr. Patel - second from left.

Chico’s lurking again!!!

Ha Ha

Whats this - im getting grief from a Wannabe copper (Brad), A Patel who is always late cos he counting the takings (Sam Patel) and a P***y Whipped DJ who needs permission to take a piss…

Well where shall I start, Mr Patel u deserve a special mention for being able to get photos of sad X Factor competitors who look Gay, obviously this must bo outta your personal collection, along with your other favourites such as Will Young, and George Micheal, although they seem to give you several hours / minutes of personal satisfaction, unfortunatley they do not do the same for me, so keep em, enlarge em, do as you please, hang em up in your shop for all I care, just dont share em with me!

Jason, Jason, Jason, I just checked with my missus to see if its ok to reply to your emails, and if I could sent back a witty reply with much wit

She Said “no”

Guess what I did it anyway, also your never gonna believe this mate - I didnt even ask her, u know why cos Im not whipped like a bi-*tch. I dont need to check if im allowed out, I can stay out as long as I like, and unlike MR Patel I dont even have to worry about a SHOP!!! So before you ask her permission again as to whether or not you can reply to me, think this - “where did I leave my balls” and if u do find them reply back without the permission ( go on live a little)-

Brad - Cant say nothing to u mate - I mean your a wannabe copper, something that just make me wanna respect to a degree unheard of to man…NOT. You sad pathetic individual looking back to see if I ever posted, u sad irrelevant purile excuse for a Man, the only things worse than U is a p****y whipped DJ, and a Gay Icon Loving Shop Keeper - nuff said

Lurker - yes - no really honest

Sweet as - So now Chicco has posted

hope your all Happy - if not F*** Off

Why so grumpy Mr. Patel, someone steal a Mars bar from the shop?

Hey, Chico! If you broke that rant into a few postings, you wouldn’t still be listed as a forum newbie . Welcome on board!

WOW Chico… looks like youv’e been meaning to get that off your chest for a while!!! Listen… Instead of letting it all build up, may I suggest that you post at least once a day… you will feel so much better!!!

lol, welcome aboard!

Just when I think I’m getting the English sense of humor (that’s not an oxy-moron is it? ) sorted out, I read this and am left :confused LOL

Hey, Gregman! I have been here for eight years, and I still don’t get it. The key to English humour is to find a way to make anything you say or do sound just a little bit dirty. With these lovely English accents, we just don’t always realise that they have lowered the tone!

Ahhh poor Brooke, I can just imagine you trying to decipher whats been said on a Friday night in Soho when you come across all sort of people from every part of the UK.

LOL nice rant Chicco man. They had it coming and you got 'em with both barrels.

Brooke, Greg - sorry you guys I know our ‘sense’ of humour is a little strange. Not to mention our accents. But hey, a little smut goes a long way towards making an Englishman laugh.

Chicco Chicco Chicco

All that bad language on your first posting TUT TUT there are ladies that use this site but i will say one thing it was a good effort at fighting back but keep punching coz you fight like a Girl!!!hahaha

see you soon mate


Brooke ! You make feel so good now! I’m here for 7 years now and I definitely still not knowing when its’s time to laugh or cry? The key to me is to laught when they do and so on… lol But the sarcarsm to me is the worse one… Jay and my wife tried many times but I gave up to understand…