re: advice re registering a 125

Hi folk perhaps you can help!  My lad has finally decided on a bike that he loves a 125 Herald Mutt (scrambler) he’d a real classic style fan all silk scaves and seaboot socks LOL!.  Unfortunately they are not going to be made by herald anymore but are going to be produced by Mutt themselves on a smaller scale.  We have been advised that there are 4 left,  he’s not 17 until November however after speaking to Haywoods of Cambridge they are quite happy to store it for him until September unregistered but not until November something to do with the new reg. (don’t understand fully though),  when we’d have to collect/delivered and store it at home.  so finally here’s my question(s).

1 Can we register it to him even though he’s 16 (what happens to MX bikes belonging to under 16’s)

2 Can we insure it for just keeping it at home in his name until he passes his CBT (shouldn’t be a problem has been riding geared bikes off road since he was 12)  or do we have to regisiter it under mine or his dads name and insure it for us (we didn’t want to go down this route as really its his first bike and we’d like his name on the V5.)

Any info. would be great

Thanks Dizzx

you can register the bike in his name

but I doubt you wil get it insured as he isn’t old enough

just sorn the bike and put it on the house insurance (if they will let you )

PS couldn’t get the photo to load



I do like those Herald’s. much as they’re just a chinese bike with a different name. 

Why not just register and insure it to yourself? For that matter could you not just keep it that way when he does turn 17 and have him as a registered rider?

Changyammi -  We could but call us funny but it wouldn’t be his! It’d feel like he was borrowing from us like letting him borrow the car once he passed his test and to be honest I wouldn’t want my NCD put under threat LOL!  Dizzx