re: 16yr old licence

Hi folks
My soon to be 16yr old will need to complete a CBT soon and I have a few questons I’m hoping you can help me with:
1/ How soon can I apply for his licence - GOT IT 15YRS 9MTHS
2/ The CBT centres all say they take it on a 50cc scooter but he will have a 50cc geared Rieju but not before he attends a CBT does this matter or should he take the CBT on his own bike.
Thanks for your help, its been a long time since my husband and I had to pass a test LOL all we had to do was the figure of 8, emergency stop, couple of yards of slow riding and a few highway code questions so many many years ago.
Your help would be appreciated

It seems you can do a CBT on an Auto, then jump on a Manual - so not problems there. Possible it’d be better todo it on the scooter; since they probably will gear the training around the scooters rather than a geared motorcycle…

then just a little practise in a safe area on their own bike and voila freedom… on a side note I did wonder who on earth would buy a 50cc motorcycle which looks like a super sports, didn’t realise 16yo we’re limited to 50cc (just my ignorance - I thought it was only scooters they could ride)

Why not just do the training on the geared bike he intends to ride, the instructors will gear the training to him I hope, far better to learn clutch control in the safety of the training pad with an instructor than out on the road without.
Best to check with your chosen training centre and the guys doing the instructing.

CBT is not much more than you describe but should include a 2 hour road assessment, and that is where he can fail, so make sure he knows how to use the road before he goes. If he has been a cyclist in even a half serious way he will probably know enough to get by already.

Remember that insurance will have to be In force and produced on the day to be checked… To be frank if he can already ride geared bikes it might be easier to use the school’ auto and concentrate on the roadsense part of the day. Everything is practised and learnt off road for a few hours and confirmed by the minimum two hour road ride

You can definitely do your CBT on a geared 50cc. I did.

It’s much better that he learns gears if he’s going to ride a geared bike in a CBT environment as it’s super safe and they’ll give him great tuition. I learnt with Eastside Riders (and hubby on old car parks!) if that’s any help?

Thanks folks - He has already rides a CR100 at the MotoX track and definitely won’t wait until he reached 17 to get a 125 although we have suggested this but he’s a teenager and we know nothing 80) he has good clutch control it’s the road sense that worries me a bit but that will only come with time and practice and he’s got his dad and me to follow him around for a while.
Abzero - His rieju is the trails version and there’s no way he would entertain a scooter (comes from being with bikers all his life - my old man regularly rode his Royal Enfield 350cc Bullet cafe racer from the Ace cafe HAHA the stories he could tell!)
Thanks again all for your help and hears to another biker joining the ranks!

I teach CBTs. The only problem if he wants to do it on his own bike is getting it to the training centre - legally he can’t ride it to the training area to do the CBT. It’ll be much easier to do the road sense bits on a 50cc scooter. It’s only for a day. Is he able to change gear anyway? Doing a CBT on an auto doesn’t stop you riding a manual.

Remind him of the financial penalties he’ll face if he gets caught riding a 125 before he hits 17.

@Dizz37 - ‘no way he would entertain a scooter’ - haha I can understand that completely!


do what Broady and stuart have said, both instructors so best placed to give out the advice.

Thanks all
KTM D - will do!