(RBR) Rutland Breakfast Run Sun 17/04/2016

Leaving Shell dome roundabout https://goo.gl/maps/63dzt at 08:00 prompt, heading for Rutland Water for grub at http://www.harbourcafebar.co.uk/ around 10:30ish

Approx 220 miles round trip - progressive pace

Should be all set.

tempted … 

Sounds good

Sounds good R1 Frank
Guess all the decorating is now finished :)

Yeah, now Sundays are all about me :hugs:

Nice one rusty! Yet again a great run! Love that route back. Pretty good turn out of 6 bikes considering it was -1C at half seven at the dome. I had my usual wildlife incident- this time it was a pheasant but I managed to swerve it. Good to see the regulars and good to meet you Dave on the s1000rr. Good fun all round thanks guys! Didn’t take many but pics will follow.








Great run. My clutch hand still isn’t up to full fitness.

Cheers everyone enjoyed that, amazed to see Joby with frost on the ground !

That was a cracker Russ, cheers.

And good to see you all…

Only got 89 miles out of the tank (to light coming on) back in Sports mode, luckily (ironically), it was damp & single track on the way up, otherwise I would of run out! Got 127 miles out (light coming on) in wet mode this morning. I’ve known two too run out 1 @ 13m on and 18m on reserve… I had done 11m on reserve when I peeled off…

Franky you’re gonna panic all weekend haha ;0)

Yes a machine control run on the wet roads going out, and a self-control run on the dry roads coming back.

Frank you need a more practical bike - something with a petrol tank that doesn’t force you to point between your legs every hour…

Thanks Rusty for leading.

Hahahaha and I thought he needed a piss! Lol

Hahahaha and I thought he needed a piss! Lol

Nope just you !

Hahahaha and I thought he needed a piss! Lol

Nope just you and Joby ! Rusty99

Feck praticality just need to peel off and rejoin where possible :grin: I left the Sat Nav at home, never again :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Seems, like all of you had great time :) 

And talk about electric car’s and range anxiety, Duc wins hands down :D Tesla does 346 miles on a charge :))