(RBR) Rutland Breakfast Run Sun 11/10/2015

Leaving Shell dome roundabout https://goo.gl/maps/63dzt at 08:00 prompt, heading for Rutland Water for grub around 10:00ish
Approx 220 miles progressive pace

Back in time for a MotoGP afternoon

As long as I get all my chores done, see you Sunday morning.

Set the record button rusty, I think MotoGP is in Japan, so normally around 8am for the race…

Taken From Radio Times Website … http://www.radiotimes.com/programme/cqbcpc/live-motogp

2015 Grand Prix of Japan: MotoGP Race - Sunday, 5:45am - BT Sport 2

I know recorded for me to watch in the afternoon :slight_smile:

See you tmr.

Thanks everyone, not sure how many more we can get in before the weather turns to shite !

Thanks for a good run today. Lovely bunch out.

Thank you, had a wonderful day.

Great day out, cheers all… Watched Moto GP & even washed the bike :slight_smile:

Thanks Rusty.That was a lovely razz.With a nice crew and I got a bit of studying in afterwards.Cant see what I am writing but Enjoed the crew and the day.

Glad to see all had a good day out. Also good to see Squishbang got some study time :slight_smile: we missed you out today

Missed you guys too.Butt up and on the road early and back early balanced the books as it were. Very glad all had a ball.

Anyone with a working bike and some time off today would have been a fool to miss the fantastic weather for this time of year :slight_smile:

i had not bike as its on route to Portiamo.

Lame excuse Rixxy :slight_smile:

sold the GS rixxy?

Shame i didn’t read this before, could of met up with you all, Im living in Rutland at the moment