RBLR 1000 2012

Anyone up for this. :smiley: RBLR1000 I will be aiming to complete the Ride in 24Hrs to qualify me for an Iron Butt SS1000 award.

I will be doing this for the 4th time it’s a great day/night out with plenty of opportunity to see the countryside. :smiley:

Just need to decide what bike to use. :slight_smile:

I may be doing this too looks interesting. Want to do the full 1000 miles too.

Do they actually care if you raise the extra £50?

Definitely intending to do it this year :slight_smile:

[ after I got flu last year stopping me :frowning: ]

@Mark, I’ll donate £100 if you do it on a van van.:smiley:

Those van vans look well comfy have you got one laying around. :slight_smile: what’s there top speed? :smiley:

Get a calendar to measure the time it takes to get to top speed on one of them:laugh:

Do you get a special SS patch to put on yer leather waistcoat?

Might do it again if I`m free that weekend and we can share a room again. Good times.:smiley:

125 mph.:Whistling:

deff thinking about it and doing the iron butt at the same time…might need to hire a more comfy bike thou.

what route would you be doing?

What`s yer best time so far mate. What bike was it on?:Whistling:


Thanks for the offer but after doing a bit of research into the van van I will have to give that a miss. :smiley:

12 BHP
60MPH 100 mile tank range

The choices are

Yamaha FJR 1300
Suzuki Hayabusa 1300
Suzuki GSXR 1000 K7

I like to be back for last orders. :smiley:

Thats not a Hi Viz your wearing there Mark is it ?

This might be a stupid question/misinterpretation of the event, but isn’t the idea to ride 1000 miles constantly within the 24 hours (minus the 5-10 petrol/drink/quick bite to eat/toilet stops that can’t be avoided). That leads me to my next question why are there people with sleeping bags taking a nap at the side of the road if that is the objective? They clearly won’t make the 24 hours.

The back seat of a police car is a good place as any to take a power nap too :Whistling:

TDJ, have you tried both loops? I assume the Northern one is better. I am up for a bit of this, so Zander if I commit now we can force each other to do it!

The distance is 1000 + miles
For the RBLR certificate you have to cover that distance in something like 30 Hours
To gain the Iron Butt certificate you have to cover that distance in 24 Hours this will then gain you entry to the Iron Butt Assc, and you can then go on to do longer rides. :smiley:

The 24 hours is a wall time ie start at 5am you must finish by 5am the next day. :slight_smile:

Some of the riders will sleep anywhere for a power nap (I prefer the Hotel). :slight_smile:

Out of the 4 poss routes the two southern ones don’t really interest me as I like to go through Scotland. There is not much difference between the two northern routes apart from the clockwise route shares the 1st checkpoint with the southern route so can get very congested.

I always do the North anti clockwise route. :slight_smile:

Thanks for clearing that up Trackday Junkie. :slight_smile: I got a bit confused when I saw the pics on the RBLR website. For the 24 - 48 hours I wouldn’t need a power nap anything over that then power naps will be very much needed and deserved.

Really like the idea of the End to End ride and the Four Corners ride. I will look into doing them after I complete the 1000mile qualifier. I will aim to do all of them at one stage in my life.