Ratty46's LB Trackday Pics

Some pics off my camera, when i wasnt busy with arnie’s!

Martinn arriving…smoking!:smiley:

Drb and Busa,

Spectators Rides…

SneakyMc Prepping

Dhofty’s Mean KTM 660SMC

Stunter’s Husaberg…niiice:D

Sneaky’s Duke and his mate Paul’s? very clean XR650

El…Fluro Boys… Weapon of Choice (i hear she feels at home sharing a garage with the riot…:stuck_out_tongue: )

The View fom the timekeeping tower…

Orangespoon enjoys the view!

as does ratty:D

The Alpinestars Twins…

2strokes R1 brings in the kitter litter

Dhofty gets the pegs down good and proper!! top stuff mate!

Davebez And Tiggi

jonnybravo’s set up…nice:)

Zeph11’s ride!

Arnie’s 675

Zeph and Zile head out!

Fluro boys partner in crime…Lumou boy!

Martin prays…Jimc gets into the zone!

nice one ratty, some good pics :smiley:

top man ratty;) looks like i will be needing new peg sliders:D my boots are just as bad:cool: got any track side pics?

no worries dude, state of your pegs!!

nah mate cameras not good enough! speak to GSXRANG, i know she got a good few trackside pics;)

Nice pics :slight_smile:

when is there another race day down in brands hatch? x

Nice pics - shame about the weather - hope you all had a fun time

Nice one ratty nice pics!! Did you notice i still had my bum bag on :w00t: no? neither did i or the stewards:pinch:

Great pics, ratty. Much appreciated because without your ‘happy clicking’ I wouldn’t have any memories to see! Thanks.

go go power bikers :stuck_out_tongue:


some good pics there ratty!
i’ll have to grab one of me for my flickr set, will credit you of course :smiley:

good pics mate - quality view from up in the tower!