morning all.

Ok I have noticed recently a rattling on the bike, it only happens when I’m slowing down, either engine braking or clutch… I’m pretty sure it goes when you kill the engine (but not 100% yet will have to double check this again later)…

also only seems to be between 30 to 20 (but again may be wrong)…

any ideas?

it’s a GPZ500

Valves, camshaft, lack of oil, clutch?

Oh, well there’s your answer:)

lol was waiting for someone to say that!!been keeping an eye on the oil so should be ok, still makes the noise even when the clutch is depressed so could it still be that?when you say camshaft and valves how would this make/cause a rattle?cheers

The Sleeper (10/11/2008)

camshaft/valves - could be out of adjustment or oil not getting to the top of the engine. clutch could cause it. But my technical knowledge is a bit limited. If something starts rattling and I can’t find out the cause or eliminate it quickly I tend to take it to a garage.

its your bones grandpa! some cod liver oil will sort it out after about a week. hope that helps! :smiley:

I’ve just thought…it could be pretty terminal for your gpz…i’ll be selling my sv650sport soon, once the insurance company have mended it…i could do you a deal:)


you are the 2nd person this week to say sell it beginning to think people don;t like GPZ’s

and will probably drop it into the garage next payday (just what I need this close to Xmas)…

Dude, that maybe the case, but my electric wheel chair thing is still faster than you!!

yeah yeah yeah…u wait till i get a bike…then we’ll see!

call me when you take the stabilsers off!!!

Joking apart, it might well be that your carbs aren’t balanced. That can cause a rattle at small throttle openings as well