RATM Free Tickets

is anyone trying to get theirs today? im in the queue and dunno whether to refresh or not

I’ve been in a queue since just before 9am, I started refreshing the screen myself, then I got bored, so it’s just running in the background at the moment. I have a feeling though that I’m not even going to get a chance to enter my ref number at this rate.

What a f*cking waste of time that was. Didn’t even get a chance to put in my reference number to even apply. I don’t begrudge anyone who did get them, but it’s really pissed me off that I didn’t even get the chance.

it went a bit odd for some of my mates but worked fine for others

Well I am going to see them at download festival so I am not that bothered :slight_smile:

wonder how quick they are going to end up on Ebay.,

they are trying to stop people putting them on ebay, and there is a passport photo of you on the tickets:P

For me, the site was down for 25 minutes but I gave my code to a mate and they got lucky on three separate occasions for I am going! Makes you wonder if your connection makes a big difference

yeah im not sure, cause i managed to get on the site at 8:55, then sat in a queue for like 2 mins and got mine. Tried to do another 2 for some mates, sat in the queue again but never got anywhere (and this is at a uni where you’d think the connection was pretty quick). but then one of my mates managed to sort out 8 different groups of 2 one after another