Rapid Training

Had a very worthwhile day-out yesterday (the weather helped :)) with one of Rapid Training’s instructors, riding on some lovely roads north of Aylesbury.

Nothing about my riding :w00t: seemed to escape his notice (foot position on the pegs to mention but one point) and I came away with some useful critique.

I plan another session with them in the future, if not one of their trackdays at Cadwell. It certainly followed on well from BikeSafe-London, another very worthwhile day-out (and subsidised!) that I attended a couple weeks ago.




Excellent stuff, but quite pricey I thought. The whole day with Rapid + a written report the next day was really good. I probably learned more in a day on Rapid than in a year of IAM.

I’m all for Rapid Training too.

Also try ROSPA you don’t have to do all the weekend palava rides, you can do a day or two with an instructor. Not expensive either.