Raoul Moat...

Nice stereotyping,nice sentiments:D

That says more about you than you probably realise. nice to know that you wish the death of fellow forum members.

Well here their all bent, their just as bad a criminals. I hate the UK police and always will do.

Can you explain your views?

We`ve always found them most polite if a little ineffective at nailing the scrote who knocked me of a courtesy bike five weeks ago and gave false details.

An example is a few months ago their was a big drug bust, the officer knew the dealer and the dealer bribed him to keep quiet. Every penny the top criminals make a percentage goes to certain high ranking police officials.

Bit of a horribly thing to say shakey also sounds a bit paranoid maybe coppers are just normal people doing a job that someone HAS to do and your just a strange little scrote who needs to keep his scrotish views to himself.

Sure there are some bent coppers but the majority are normal people. I cannot add on what people have said already. I myself have thought of becoming a cop just so I can get rid of the scum that lives around here.

Saying that I can understand where your anger comes from, as I have seen the Bulgarian Transport Police “working”. But to wish death upon them … too far man…

Good point, we should be grateful of the fair policing we have, if you don`t like it try living in South America, they make great chocolate.:slight_smile:

scrote lol I’m far from a scrote you knob.

Shakeyfan, I attend the meets quite often, quite a few of the guys know me. If you’re at one of the meets then come and have a chat. I’ll explain what some of us do for a living, why we do it and hopefully you’ll learn that we’re just normal people doing a (most of the time) normal job - no different to most other people.

Thought I’d just pop into this thread for the first time…

I’m hoping this is a wind up comment?? If it isn’t maybe you need to speak to somebody…The peple he shot were innocent and to say you wish he’d taken moe out (particularly coppers) is way OTT.

I hope the coppers on here don’t have your bike number:D;)

Getting back to Moat - for pitys sake - no woman is worth that much aggravation . . . :blink:

… ok

There’s a daughter…

Easy fella there is no need to broadcast your feelings on this matter in such a way!!
As for his rage I think that will boil down to the fact he got caught and sent to prison then his mrs left him and found someone less of a twat to live with. HMP even reported he was a problem when they let him out!

So a bloke gets out of prison comes to your Neighbour hood and shoots a family member of yours, would you not want as many police officers available to hunt him down? Actually no **** it :w00t:

Either way your out of order mate and need to think about future posts regarding this issue.

(I have’nt used this smilie yet!)

The guy has a bloody funny name, hence we can all take the micky :smiley:

At then end of the day, the guy was unwell… It’s a mental illness if you go around and shoot people cos you wanted to. The victims and family of victims have their lives changed forever, bless em…:frowning:

Shakey: I take it if you’re ever unfortunate enough for a loved one to be killed deliberately, you wont be asking the help from the police, wont co-operate to find the killer?

Even if you have a strong dislike for them, you must also be mentally unstable to wish death
on them :ermm:

We are all entitled to our views, but this is one I personally wouldn’t have aired on a public forum. It changes the way people view you, and that one comment was not in good taste.

What would happen if ‘they’ did? Probably the same as when shakeyfan67 came to a BM for a chat with one of them - nothing special.


With the majority of opinion on this forum weighing against you shakeyfan67, I hope you can see sense to retract that statement or at least get out of the mess by pretending you were joking :doze: