Raoul Moat...

So, the police have got him surrounded, he’s holding a gun to his head, and Paul Gascoin has turned up to try and talk to him… Sounds like a badly budgeted local film! :stuck_out_tongue:

And, on top of all that, the paparazi manage to take this comedy photo of the police officers who are negotiating. Check out the comedy “snarl”…“Snarl for the camera!” :stuck_out_tongue:



that’s not raoulmoatly funny…

…and as the Negotiator- Groucho Marx!

“Age is not a particularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough.”

…too late for it to end well so let’s hope it doesn’t end any worse.

The rewards is £10000 at the moment!!! Police say they will double it to £20000 next week…it’s a Raoul-over :w00t:

Just think how much more difficult it would have been to find him, had he ridden off on his moatorbike, he would have been raoully difficult to locate.

this is, lololol:D:D

RIP Big Vern.

RIP Chris Brown. GWS, Samantha Stobbart and David Rathband.

do you think the police would have made a big deal of it if it was the public was threatened and not the cops?
i dont think so.

" ‘I haven’t got a dad’… and he also said that, ‘nobody cares about me’."

Heart-breaking to hear a fully grown man say this.

Even more so, to see how criminality is culturally driven by a lack of love and parenting.

Well I guess the Northumberland police had to act after news spilled out that they had been forewarned by HMP about Raoul … and failed to act.

They acted. After Raoul slaughtered one man cold-blooded and almost killed another 2.

Maybe Raoul is right: the media creates its own demons and society’s too.

He created the demon, by murdering someone. And many of us have parental horror stories to tell, but we don’t all go round murdering people.

There is no excuse for what he did, in my humble opinion.


Absolutely. No one’s looking for an excuse and no one is justifying murdering. Either in the Moat case, or in the case of the taxi driver who went on a killing spree. But let’s face it: telling Moat that killing people is wrong and he is being very naughty is not going to help anyone is it? It’s a moat point.

In Moat’s case, is it so hard for us to understand and hold in mind, that the lack of morality; the lack of human development; the sub-human condition, of not recognising others’ right to life, and the very profound envy and destructiveness of a girlfriend…loving another …any other BUT Moat … is derived from that fundamental lack of love which Moat describes as his childhood burden.

Most northerners who experience the parental horror stories like what Moat does in his last few words alive - do get on with it (not over it necessarily); Moat couldn’t: and there is something in that human inability which is worrying - he couldn’t get over not being loved, or not being cared for - is that a sociopathic trend in society?

It is that gap between people like Moat and others (the lack of empathy and callous disregard for others … which Moat describes … is the lead weight he has been trying to live with …) which gets in the way of conforming to the very social norms you’ve described: others don’t go around killing each other. But here, Moat has. Whether as an act of vengeance or anger, or pent-up childhood frustration. It’s wrong (yeah yeah - ‘we’ know. But we still need to be told - that he isn’t a monster - and there are plenty of others just like him and the media will have its monster run again. If feeling this much unloved, can drive morality underground, and a man cannot ‘care’ that killing others is wrong, then we’re in serious trouble. There are millions more like Moat waiting to happen.

Anyway. Asking Gazza to talk down a man with a loaded gun is enough to make anyone take their own life.

This thread should have a title change…Born survivor? The man is dead!! They should dedicate Rage Against the Machine’s “Bullet in the Head” to him instead.



i was secretly a little impressed by his abilites to out run some of the countrys finest, police, helicopters and even the army! brilliant effort. he was hiding in a storm drain! washes he scent away, cannot be detected by the infa red in teh helicopters. classic simpleton idea.

No wonder we cant catch Osama Bin Laden!

You would have thought with all the castles in England the police could have found a Moat

I suspect some of those particular coppers would have trouble finding water if they fell out of a m(b)oat

R.I.P RM shame he didn’t take more of the bastards out.

Which bastards are you talking about,police or boyfriends of his ex???

Police. I can understand his rage, the police are bullies, they always have been.