Ranksounds down

I’m undamaged, the bike has a bit of cosmetic, but not much more.

Was a “ooh look a gap with nothing in it” lane changer. Unfortunately I was in it. I dont know if he maybe wasn’t expecting more bikes to go by, as some already had.

Many thanks to the biker who stopped and had a look over the bike with me and left his details.

Anyways the bike made it home and didn’t/doesn’t feel any different. Fairly low speed bump, and I laid the bike down.

quote of the day for me was “nice of him to turn his indicators on after he’d hit you” made me laugh

Glad to hear you are ok and got home on it.

it’s funny how you don’t really feel that way just after it’s happened. Because you’re sure you’re alright you just worry about the bike and don’t give a monkeys that you’re ok.

It’s afterwards when reflecting that you change you’re view and think that actually you’re lucky to have been able to get home under you’re own steam.

I’m sure it’ll be said, could’ve been a lot worse, but it wasn’t

Sounds like you were riding slow enough for your guardian angel to keep up;)
Glad your ok, now chill…and be thankful you had your wits with you:D

Its a shame mirrors are an optional extra nowadays… bit like indicators, glad your ok :wink:

Glad you are okay, lucky it was fairly minor, tough I’m sure it didn’t seem it!