Range Rover runs over multiple bikers!!!!!

What a twat - bet the video was stopped short on purpose although it would have been good to see that he got what he deserved!!!

Looks like there is probably some gang type backstory to this incident - rather than just a case of road rage - the swarm of bikes and the Range Rover with blacked out windows are all a bit gangland which makes it look like someone recognised someone in the car and went to settle a score and the driver floored it to escape a beating or worse.

Not like London where the bikes would be ridden by mild mannered IT consultants and the Range Rover would belong to a yummy mummy married to a stockbroker.

Just watched that. Freakin amazing. It looked to me like the RR was caught up in the middle of a mass rideout. No doubt they were intimidated and possibly nudged a bike before they got stopped in the first two minutes - however, to then run bikers down like that - that is disgusting. Unfortunately the bikers then gave the guy a defense of being afraid for his life and being America, they guy will hire a smart lawyer and the bikers will be paying him for the dents and bloodstains on the RR.

it seems he accidentally nudged one of the bikes before being surrounded, probably felt a bit intimidated & wanted to get away… especially as he had his wife & young child with him ?


It looks like they slowing the traffic down and were blocking off the next junction ready for a rag down a straight road.

Yeah that is pretty much what I had assumed. Being intimidated in that situation is understandable. Ramming/running over several bikes/humans is not. Difficult to be judgemental one way or the other - and as I said it will probably come down to who has the best lawyers…

yeah i know simon, you’d have got out & clipped them around the ear hole ?

Haha! The bikers all looked like they were behaving pretty well - so no “education” was needed from what I saw…

Well I can’t feel sorry for him as twice he run down bikers. If he had got out of the van when he first hit the bike and got beaten, I could say the bikers went OTT and should be the ones taken to prison. Though if he had said “sorry, here are my details”, chances are he would have diffused the situation. Ok maybe he would have got 1-2 clips round the ear but nothing too serious and it wouldn’t have been his fault. As it stands, he got what he deserved…

I cant justify wot the driver but surrounded by hundreds of w*nkers on motorbikes berading him or wotever they were doing I am not surprised wot happened at all.

did you see the idiot braking sharply in front of the RR?

I think of that was any of you driving the RR you would not fell somewhat intimidated and who is to say its not a mother with her children in the RR?

Just cos they are on bikes it means I will be on their side.

yeah bit of a coincidence vid stops when they attack the car etc, idiots.

It was the idiot that braked sharply that got hit first - so yes you can see how it happened and how it escalated. As you said, it isn’t surprising what happened because yes ANY of us would have felt intimidated in that situation. Sounds like it was a family in the car.

As for the attack when the car stops - unfortunately everyone had their blood up by that point - and as I said earlier - the bikers basically handed him a defense (on video)…

According to an NYPD spokesman, the motorist, identified as an Asian male who was driving with his wife and child, was assaulted at 218th Street, where he was finally forced to stop because his tires were slashed.Read more at: http://www.heavy.com/news/2013/09/watch-range-rover-runs-over-bikers-video/

And one biker lost his life.


only according to one comment on liveleak.com, everywhere else says only the driver was hurt…

All it takes is wind down the window and apologise…

Then wind the window up and wait for them to swear then move on…

Honestly, I don’t care if he had his kid with him and felt intimidated… if he is adult enough to be given a drivers licence then he is adult enough to know that RUNNING OVER LOTS OF BIKERS WITH CAMERAS ON THEIR HELMETS is a pretty dumb idea…

Typical Daily Mail … watch him get beat up twice is the headline, not 2 tonne vehicle crushes bikes and their owners…

14 bikers were killed in the two incidents where the RR driver rammed them and mercilessly smashed their bodies under the enormous bone-crushing 4.5 ton vehicle, 4 more bikers were taken out and killed during the 74 mile 120mph chase. When finally cornered the RR driver and his gangsta hoodlums drew their AK47 and ozi’s amongst many other weapons and slew another 34 bikers…sorry I went all Daily Mail for a second


Oh yeah, a small child was heard to cry when he dropped his Popsicle whilst watching the chase…sorry done it again!

I think you’ll find the child was crying because the dad was an illegal immigrant paedo on benefits… :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn you Sir, my ‘informed source’ fail to deliver that gem :smiley:




Beauty of the internet is that there is more there than liveleak, you only have to open your eyes.


For a start none of know what happened before that bike pulled in front and slammed the brakes on, but whatever happened it does not make it ok for anyone to drive their monstroserty over several people and leave them in the road not knowing what condition they are in, disgusting behaviour!! I understand he may have been scared and felt intimidated but he could have stopped the first time and sorted it then, but the fact that he didn’t and just erratically drove off over someone makes me think something had happened prior to this further back down the road but we will never know the full facts!