random writting of mine

Just thought I’d post some of my writting, i tend to write a lot of ****. tell me what u think and i might post more…

The two bodies press into each other.
Heat making them feel the need to perspire.
A passion is locked upon her face,
as she brings her body closer to his.
With gentle, strong hands come peaceful minds.

A more active stance.
Gentle sparring quickly shifts into all-out battle.
She holds him down, but he still pushes back.

It escalates, as do the two of them.
A maddening rush to a state of bliss.
They race, faster and faster to the top.
As the heat between them reaches the zenith.

The wave subsides as he softly brings her back onto him.
Transforming the two bodies into one.
A deep exhale and a few tiny presents.
He rests comfortably in the safety of her embrace.

Sounds good to me girl, nothing like making the work day get better. Imagination working here. Yes please, post some more.

My, what hidden talents you have Stacey! Quite an interesting set of metaphors, I like it! Hrm, my imagination is working now too, thanks

all I can say is that I’m jelous… which I could write like that!

keep sending more of it

Hi there Babe… Love it!!! yet another talented woman… here is one of mine!!!

I Can Imagine

I can imagine what it’s like to live my wildest dreams,
Of our fast motorbike races down dark country lanes,
Our pulses speeding as high as the revs on the dials,
As you lead and I follow, now we’re all in single file,
A sharp left and then right, one mistake and we could die,
For these are my dreams on the wildest of nights.

I can imagine what it’s like to for fill my darkest desires,
With someone who heats me up and sparks up my fires,
All those vulnerable feelings I get, turn me on deep inside,
As I wriggle, you mount me and then you tease for a while.
Then you dominate in a way that I can trust you with my life.
For these are my desires on the darkest of nights.

I can imagine what it’s like to find the man of my life,
Who can comfort and care without batting an eye.
Intelligent conversation and the crazy things you do,
Are just some of the qualiies that attracted me to you.
You have all of my respect, honesty, support love and soul.
For these are my dreams and desires that no one can control.

Well done foxy! That’s very deep…

Thanks Cezar… Glad you like it… Deep… Yes I is… Love the frame protectors mate!!! might have been a wee bit expensive…but they sure do look good!!! see you soon? Grrrrrrrr

looks like we have some great female writing talent on here. Keep it up girls.

Chuffster… Thanks a lot mate… Nice to be able to share these things!!!

Something deep i wrote 5 weeks ago.

I leave you a memoir a map to the soul
Illusive to the uninformed intrigued you stand by the loss of control
My shadowbox provoked by the rapist
My seems sown back together
I’m not an unworthy puppet

I cater to my destruction
Yearn for distraction
choose not to omit my pain
Society formed another masochist
Inquisitive you stand am I to blame?

I break my vow of silence
Lay bare to your consultation
Dissect my thoughts medicine man
Devor my tools of instinct
Diagnose my internal disease
Therapeutic holistic reversion unseen

I conjure the strength to live for the moment
Refuse to admit the size of my wound
Oblivios to the progression of size by the day
Continue to vent through poetic construction
My words decomposing leave unsightly decay

More writing skills on display. Do you write songs? Maybe you should start branching out. How about a ditty about London Bikers?

This is a little something I wrote about Miami… It’s a place deep in my heart!!!

Sun and Dreams

Sitting on Miami’s North Beach,
With the hot sand beneath my toes,
Looking into the distant horizon,
How far it goes…who knows?
With the sun breathing onto my body,
Making me warm from the outside in.
This is the one place in my heart I know,
That calls me from deep within.

Gazing out across the Atlantic Ocean,
How blue and mesmerising it is.
It seems like there’s hidden treasure out there,
With it’s sparkles and shimmers reflecting.
And the warm water around my ankles,
Making me laugh like a child within.
This is the one place in my heart I know,
I’d like to spend all my days chillin’.

Strolling along Miami’s South Beach,
With the breeze blowing through my hair.
Checkin’ out all of the stunning people,
I’ve not a care in the whole wide world.
With the sun licking my pale body,
Making it brown from the toe to the tip.
This is the one place in the world I know,
That I would truly love to live.

Swimming off Florida’s sunny Key’s,
With a dolphin at each of my sides.
Feeling excitement and passion overflowing me,
Into the water and mammals I ride.
With their soft flesh under my fingers,
And the loving tender looks in their eyes.
This is the one place in the world I know,
That I’d feel safe until the day I die.

…I better enrol myself on an english school… well done guys

Hi Cezar… I’ve only been writing for about 4 years… Forget the english lessons mate… It’s not about that. It’s about passions and feelings, then writing the words down as you feel them inside… Good Luck…

I don’t feel in english Foxy… It’s really hard for a foregner to explane emotions in your language… I carry on reading your work , it’s great. Please don’t stop!

Another great piece of passion there. Makes me wanna kind of visit, problem is, its just way too far to fly and I cant get there by bike.

Cmon, a new one for London Bikers next!

Thanks again Chuffster… I wrote these a couple of years ago… Just found my Mojo after a couple of years, so… hopefully… My writing will start to flow again…
Here’s another one…Called FREE
Those inner doubts and dampened feelings,
Sinking down again,
Is there gonna be an end
To this ever constant rain?

Soaking me deep down…
Into my cold, fragile skin
Entering my empty soul,
That was hidden down within.

My sun came out that morning,
With fresh buds on the tree
At that moment…I realised
My spirit wasn’t dead, but free.

How wonderful it feels,
To be totally free,
From something
That could have been the end of me.

When you’re buzzing each day
The confidence is there.
But deep down inside
The pain you can’t bare.

How long can I run?
From the problems in life
But when you’re so high
There’s no trouble… no strife.

The thoughts I have now
Are so clean and very real
How dumb was I,
To deny life’s wonderful deal?

In leaps and in bounds
You can pick yourself up,
And don’t think you have to stuck,
In that lonely dark rut.

Believe in yourself
And be human once more.
Life is what you make it
Just open the door.