Random Stops

On the daily commute through Kings Cross this morning I saw one those organized bike checkpoints on Penton rise.

You guys probably get this a lot but what are they checking? Insurance? I’ve sailed right through 3 of these this year now…

They more than likely check for anything they can make a bit of money from. Welcome to the UK theyank :slight_smile:

Good choice of bike btw :stuck_out_tongue:

i did read a while back they were checking that bikers insurance covered “commuting” strange i know but true, allegedly…

How do they prove that you’re commuting?

They probably just ask you where your going and you say work because you think nothing of it.

I question the random part of the stopping . They see my home made blue peter bike and start rubbing their hands . . They are then disappointed when it turns out to be legal but by then its 20 mins later and I am late for work .