Random: shipping motorcycle gear

For a change, not a question for me, my sister needs to return a motorcycle jacket she bought but the return shipping is her responsibility.
I’m trying to help her find a service who can ship international at a decent price but I’m not very good at this stuff :sweat:
Hermes say the package is too large and Dhl quote around £200 :sweat_smile:

Anyone have experience of sending large parcels abroad? Cheers :grin:

How small does it pack down to? That would be the key. Try all the usual couriers and pick the best price really.

Which country is she shipping too? Some carriers are better to certain places than others.
As me_groovy says, it’ll all be down to volumetric weight rather than actually weight.

How much is the gear worth? And why does it need to go back?
If its gonna cost fortunes sending it back cant she just sell it on ebay to recoup the costs?

@Gav, volumetric weight :slight_smile: You been on the Crimbo sherry mate!

There’s no other way I’m afraid :frowning:

Thanks for the advice :blush:
I’ll get her to pack it up as small as she can and try again. It’s going back to Italy, I didn’t ask her why she was sending it back

Does the armour and liner need to be included?  another site would be Parcel2go.

Take it on your bike and have a holiday at the same time lol.

Take the armour out. It’ll pack down smaller

large packets abroad? you have a few options http://www.equatorworldwide.co.uk/ is a great shipping broker, maybe she could do a bit of jiggery pokery using a work email and get them to do a good deal, do it on the phone too!

also, a double walled box you get from a storage company or from another motorcycle product should be a standard size, might be able to get a better deal that way

I know this is a bit of old post resurrection, but I’ve only just found this out and it might still be of help for any future returns, including S&M one piece leathers:

Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013, you have the right to return an order within 14 days AND get a refund from the seller for your postage costs, as long as it’s at the same level as how it was originally sent, ie, tracked, signed for etc.

(I think, possibly, that I spend far too much geek time online :sleeping:).