Random question - where can I get VCR tapes transferred to an external hard drive


A random question but seeing as you guys know almost everything it’s worth a shout.

I’ve a ton of old VCR/digital tape recordings that I want to transfer to my PC and an external hard drive.

Do you know a place that can do that at a good price?

I’ve Googled without much joy.


Quick Google of DV converters got this


Cheaper option

I can do it at work in Waterloo. Depends what you think a good price is!

Black Cat Video, Potter Bar.

the cheap convertors aren’t so great in my opinion. better to find a professional company that will do it

It all depends upon how sensitive the content is. :smiley:

Damn I forgot about them viewing the content. Correction to my request. Does anyone know any blind VHS to DVD transfer services?

Thanks for all of the advice. I will have to use a professional firm in view of my embarrassingly low boredom threshold when it comes to these sort of tasks.

I have 56 tapes to transfer so I have emailed 7 companies including those mentioned above for a quote.

If there any good can I borrow them. & after a few mins I will be blind

Be good to hear what prices they come back with. I’ve got a VHS tapes I wouldn’t mind keeping for amusement value to embarrass mates later on :wink:

Stanleys on Wardour st.

are they 56 full tapes? seems to me it’d be cheaper to buy a decent video importing jobby for your computer. 

Let me know what the cheapest quote is…

Ive got a vhs to dvd machine you can borrow then transfer from dvd to pc. Time consuming but free.

I use MAGIX it works well (Curry’s PC World sell them}

The issue with the DIY jobs can be that you end up with a massively compressed and in some instances strange aspect ratio. No doubt there are good ones out there.

Any professional firm will probably charge what you’ll consider too much. The process isn’t complicated but it does happen in real time, so, like anything else, you’re mostly paying labour…

There’s loads of free porn on the net, no need to transfer it from video.

Just go on red tube :slight_smile:

All great points guys, including yours Marmablade ( thanks :wink: ).

Of the 56 tapes 1 is full size VHS, 38 are mini-VHS C and 17 are mini-DV.

ChrisB can I take you up on your kind offer which I could use for the 38 VHS tapes please? I’ll pm you.

I’ve found a firm that would charge £350 to transfer 56 tapes to DVD (£650 to transfer to MP4) and seem very professional so I think they’d be the first choice. I think I’ll use them for the 17 mini-DV to DVD and if they’re good report back here with a recommendation.

I’m thinking after I’ve got everything onto DVD I’ll then try to transfer the films to an MP4 myself. Is that a mad thing to do? I’ve read Handbrake is good software to use for this.

No skin off my nose.

I offered the same professional service and would have been in the market to beat the quotes you got, but sounds like you’d rather go off forum than read my posts! Makes you wonder why you would ask a non motorcycle question here rather than just using Google. 

As I said, no skin off my nose, good luck to you.