Random pic of my R1 in the work carpark

was bored at work and had my camera about, thought I’d share this pic with you. It was taken from the 2nd floor inside our building on 300mm zoom through dirty double glazed windows hence the lack of quality.



Nice shot, I like the colour depth

You need to get a new job that keeps you busy hunny

Cheers Jay.

Lusty - tell me about it hun, I am passing time here as constructively as possible. LOL

“Through Dirty Double Glazed Windows two Floors Up” !!!

That Bike must be Spotless to the naked eye then…it looks Mint !!!

Barro - how you doing fella!? The window is filthy mate, I had to use some of my photoshop skills to get as best results as possible.

well next time your about you can do a job on mine to make it look like yours then !!

Im doing fine mate…hope ya well.

That bike looks like it should have an 07 plate

Looks brand new