Random Bike Vids

Whoops the videos vanished :smiley:

Should put the insert in the top left, top right is a bit odd to look at :slight_smile:

Here’s a great movie I made using my video editing software, iMovie

Bike sounds lovely mate, just need to open her up a bit more :wink:

I do that PJ and we would end up in the bushes…er… i mean the dude riding that bike…whatever it is


I thought it was odd in left corner :stuck_out_tongue:

You drive a car?

The rear view mirror is in the top left of your vision. Makes sense to flick your vision between top left and ahead.

There is nothing in the top right :stuck_out_tongue:

I drive, but I ride bkes better, so what I say and I want goes, ok Kelloggs :smiley:

What’s the camera?

it doesnt matter which corner, its down to size and position. golden rectangle ftw.

Bike sounds fantastic btw, 10%+2 yeah? :Whistling:

Good vids!

But what is it that makes the flames come out the exhaust…

Just pure ‘awesomeness’ spilling out mate

Contour roams

Thanks pal. I actually thought it was 100% +2… :blink:

I meant 110%+2! doh!

lol im confused