Rando Correze 2008 (Massif Central, France)

Days 1-3: http://www.wotmeworry.org.uk/corr08/08-10/
Day 4: http://www.wotmeworry.org.uk/corr08/11/
Day 5: http://www.wotmeworry.org.uk/corr08/12/

Some favourites and some Randoneers:

Jef and Kriss plus a noisy nosey dog:

Early morning mist:

The route was barred - no obstacle to the French!

Bruno, Kriss, Jef, Jean-Hugues, Didier, Pirmil:

David and Bernard:

Chateau d’Anjony:

Pirmil trying to fix his Burger… :

Glorious mountains:


Jean-Hugues mending his boot:

Lovely lakes:

Sudden surprise views:

And Franck about to ride 760 km home: