Rammed in the rear like a boss XD

Dirty mined people tut tut tut.

well a little mishap happened going to the ace show and i got it on cam so thought i would post it up



Who is the otehr guy that fell off??

Jeez guys… Ross, you seemed to almost stop without any real hint too… christ.


Hope you’re all alright… Did you get the engine bars fitted in time for this Jay?!?

What was the first guy doing turning into the oncoming traffic lane?!?

i saw the outcome, a few scratched knuckles but big smiles all round, it must have been a good one :smiley:

some tips in group riding might be in order eh!

i was surprised to see the Fazer on the ground, did he just jump off in sympathy?

Why did the first guy turn into the wrong side of the bollard instead of going on? He’d already missed the turn?

There’s nothing like a family rideout :smiley:

eeeek not good glad everyone was ok

my thoughts too, i see there was f*ck all care for the highway code etc by any of you

I think the other bloke is Ross’ dad.

and car drivers think their doing nothing wrong texting whilst driving …goes to show it only takes a split second lapse of concentration to come a cropper on the road.

i’m sure all of you have learnt something from this and other than bruised ego’s and dented bikes you at least all walked away :slight_smile: imagine if plod had got involved and started taking names :hehe:

dust yourselves off fella’s mend the bikes and plan your routes a bit better,riding staggered will give you just that ickle bit more reaction time too :wink: and remember nobodys perfect we all make mistakes

Sorry but that made me giggle :smiley:
fuk in ide e ot lol

Its like a jackass movie trailer :smiley:


wow hope there was not to much damage guys… bet your pride is really sore!!!:wink:

Me an the mrs are cracking up that is just too funny :slight_smile:

Do not pass go. Do not collect £200. Go straight to http://londonbikers.com/forums/953800/have-you-ever-fallen-off

erm what did i do wrong then? my dad was staggered and only went down from swerving because my brother was thrown in front of him.

will the guy in front yes he over cooked the corner but he stopped safely i would of stopped safely and so would my dad of if my brother wasn’t so close to me.

this is the front of cam’s bike so going to street mini street fighter it for a wile like

Nope he didn’t, he only managed to get the bike stopped on the wrong side of the island in the lane of oncoming traffic… that is not safe.

what they might be implying ross is that the first rider done a bit of a dodgy late turn…then you seemingly do a abrupt stop causing cam to run in the back of you.

hard to comment as we we’re not there and could’nt see how closely cam was following…did you indicate your stopping could cam see your brake light ok??what most people would like to think is on seeing the missed turning to carry on down the road safely do a u-turn where safe to do so then re take the junction :wink: hindsight is a great thing

**** happens and whats done is done,prob **** the life out of cam and yourself luckily it was your bro and you can keep this cock up in the family and not go through the insurance route be it another random rider and lot’s of £££