Ram Mounts + Pdas

Hey every1,

I got me a pimp pda for my bday with the works namely tom tom 5. I wanna stick on my bike so for the odd unknown journey.

So ive been advised on a ram mount. Ive seen it fitted to a Broadit PDA holder on there site …so thats all that sorted just a question of which mount.

I ideally want to mount it to the tank bolts (the ones u undo to lift the tank) but would like u guys to suggest why that may be a good or bad idea??

Also where u guys have mounted on sports bikes before.

I have a suzuki gsxr 600 k1

Here are links:



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Get yourself here Anil, http://www.gpsw.co.uk/about/page25.html as the guy who imports them fron the states is part of the place and he came out and sorted my unit last yr.

They’re near Twickenham I think

oh they have an actual shop cool, sorry for this mis post Mr/Miss Moderator


So no joy there then Anil ?

I used the Ram System, bolted in through the headstock

Works a treat!

Which ram mount is that…i think thats what i need

You need to mount the PDA as far forward as possible or you take your eyes off the road to look at it.