Rally Truck Jumps Crazy Fan

this is just wrong, the driver must of sh1t a brick when he saw the person in the middle of the road


stupid b1tch.

That’s just wrong!

rhymes with “what a stunt”

Do you mean blunt.:smiley:

Rhymes with James Blunt and describes him quite well :smiley:

And after this happens a few times, someone dies, then you get rules and regs, then health and safety then you get F1 racing with tarmac and the Rally dies…

Or not…

Pretty dumb in my book…

But who am I to judge… my life must look pretty boring to him…

exactly , its thanks to t0ssers like this berk, that rules are changed and its only the sport that sufferers due to their lack of self worth.

Cast your minds back to 1986, the “Class B” world rally, possibly the best era of rally ever. The Audi S1, Metro 6r4, Lancia, Peugeot T16’s to name a few. During the Portuguese rally, some muppet decides he’ll get the photo of a lifetime and just stands in the middle of the road , S1 come tearing along and hits the guy, sending him 30ft into the air, killing him instantly.

Audi withdrew from the championship that day and never raced again, if they had stuck in there, many say they’d still be on top.

Probably seemed a good idea the time…

That is one selfish act… if the driver killed that twat, he’d have to live with that!!

Thats just stupid. Noone didnt have a brain, no matter how often they could jump like this over someone it still can go to pot and then ? We’ve got a body. Dead one. :expressionless: