raleri is great

So I ordered a raleri fog stop thing which reacts to sunlight, stuck it in my visor and I must say it is the ****.

No pinlock as I use a touring helmet and they don’t make them.

Best purchase ever.

Yep, can also second this. Them lovely Raleri guys sent me a couple to review on my blog (full write up coming soon), but in all honesty, they’re actually pretty damned good. Definitely a good alternative to the Pinlock.

This is interesting. Just got myself a touring helmet. How do they attach on the inside?

They have a clear sticky back edging all the way around. So installation is basically:-
Position on outside of visor and draw around it with a non-perm pen.
Peel off protective film and sticky back edging.
Place centre of insert against middle of inside of visor.
Then press down working outwards towards corners, using your pen guide on the outside.
Job done.
Did two lids in about 15mins. Took longer taking visors off and giving them a good clean, than fitting the insert.

Link to product please


I googled and got it from a UK distributor, bit more expensive but arrived next day.

Can’t stress how great it is.

Just sticks straight onto the back of your visor.

Glue broke down and after six months it became unattached. Binned it for a pinlock. The one for my visor has weird adjuster screws not philips head, and currently it steams up too.

try getting pinlock on a non-standard visor :slight_smile:

also at £20 a throw I don’t mind going through a couple a year

Here’s my write up on the FogStop’s:-


Granted, I blagged these for free to review, but I’ve done my best to remain unbiased!

Might give this a go then.

I’ve not had much luck with Fog City inserts or pinlock in the past.

What is a touring helmet?