…so, it looks like its going to rain for my cbt on Sunday! Any tips??

Waterproof clothes and be more careful. I don’t know what else I could suggest. Don’t worry too much. :slight_smile:

Dont go… just kidding :w00t:

You’ll be fine, you won’t be travelling at break-neck speeds. Just remember that your visibility is greatly reduced, and so is that of the motorist. Rain can chuck up nasty crap over the road surface (oil/gravel), then again, you should be watching, compensating and adjusting your speed/position for this.

On top of that, some good gear will keep you dry and warm, and show the examiner that you’re serious about biking.

Good luck.

Hmm, I get these sensible moments, and that seemed to be one of them! :smiley:

Cheers guys! I’m sure it’ll be fine. Have read somewhere else on the forum that in some ways its good to start in the rain - in at the deep end as it were! Anyway, I enjoy a challenge. Really looking forward to it whatever the weather!

In terms of gear, the school just said waterproofs when I when I asked, so will my mountain biking jacket and general walking waterproof trousers do?

Also, I asked about footwear and they said anything really, but I want to wear something that isn’t too chunky for changing gears etc. yet still protective. What do you think?

I don’t really want to buy any bespoke riding gear yet. At least not until I start doing my DAS course.

dont brake

sorry i jest

it is good to do it in the rain then enything else is a plus good luck and welcome

two pairs of gloves :slight_smile: one for the morning which will prob get soaked and dry ones to put on for after lunch .its horrible putting on soggy wet gloves

Put your visor down, it was absolutely chucking it down on the day I did mine. In the panic of being let out on the road I forgot put mine down! What with all the knat’s from riding along country lanes! Was not fun! Good luck!

VERY good idea.

Also wear a neckwarmer/buff type thing. Will stop water trickling down your neck.

Wash your visor beforehand with fairy liquid, warm water and a sponge (be careful not to use anything that might scratch it). The fairy liquid not only cleans it but leaves a film that keeps it clear of water droplets, which will really help you to see in the event of it raining.

Might be wise to treat the inside with anti-fog spray. Don’t know what to recommend as I use a visor with a pinlock attachment.

Avoid all manhole covers and surfaces that have the “rainbow” effect, the sign of a diesel etc spillage which is more slippery when mixed with water.

Just relax, enjoy the day, try not to do sudden braking or accelerating.

If it really does chuck it down you will be glad for a pair of gore-tex boots!

go 4 it and don’t worry,good luck

Just relax and it will all come naturally.

Thanks for all the replies guys. Some good tips there. I feel fine about it all really. I’m blessed with usually picking things up pretty fast, but I know to treat bikes with the necessary respect, so hopefully I’ll be ok! Just 4 days to go now!:smiley:

Don’t worry about the rain. Just be prepared for it. It rained on my CBT as well, but luckily I had water proof kit so wasn’t that bothered. You really won’t be going all that fast so just relax, listen and enjoy! I found it a real buzz with the pay off being the road ride in the afternoon!!

Dont let rain put you off mate, eventually every rider get’s caught out in the wet at some point… riding in the rain makes you a better rider for the dry and having your first wet riding experience with the company of an instructor is a bonus :wink: Just relax and enjoy the day.

Good luck on your CBT fella

I had pouring rain on my CBT and later on the training and test for my full licence. If anything, it’s probably better that way as you get to know those conditions in a “controlled way” with an instructor pointing out what to look out for.

If you don’t have 2 pairs of gloves, use some vinyl gloves underneath, then at least your hands will stay dry.

Enjoy the day!

Was told for my CBT, for trousers, wear jeans, and then for waterproof use over trousers.

Jacket, ski jacket for warmth, and then a packa mac jacket for keeping dry.

Good tip for the gloves - take 2 pairs, as after lunch a dry pair would be good.

Footwear, was told not to wear trainer, but any type of walking or safety footwear - however, no steel toe caps.

I assume you haven’t got motorbike boots so if you’ve got a pair of boots with a good solid sole then wear 'em. Apart from the soaking you’re feet will get in trainers they also won’t grip the pegs too well in the wet! Don’t think you need to worry about boots being too big to change gear- motorcycle boots aren’t renowned for their delicacy. Good luck with the test and don’t worry if it’s raining- it’s actually quite pleasant riding in the rain and modern tyres have a suprising amount of grip in the wet. Only other tip- wear enough layers as you might be surprised at how chilly it can get when you are out on the road- being cold is not good for concentration :cool:

Also remember to enjoy yourself, and that you cannot fail the test. They can invite you back, but you can’t fail!

did mine in a thunder storm and to be fair my riding at the start of my career was nothing short of crap… i didn’t have a problem so you wont either mate :slight_smile:

Jeans are cold at 30 when they are soaked through :hehe:

Don’t do anything silly and you will be fine, the bike will be fine in the wet.