rain rain go away

flippin weather, just went into town to do the banking… fuking rain! grr got wet, wheres summer?

You missed summer…its way back -----------------------------------------------------------> there


Radio said this morning that it was going to rain tomorrow as well :hehe:

And “London will be much wetter next week”.

You lot got goldfish genetics in your systems?

We’ve had weeks of glorious weather, wall to wall sunshine, 23-25 degrees with just the odd sporadic shower, we get a bit of the wet stuff and you start wingeing.

Having spent an hour and a half in the stuff today, I was quite glad to be reminded that the boots (left one for sure) the trousers (usual area) and the jacket all need re proofing.

Looks like this is the weekend to do it given next weeks met. person’s guessing.

I agree, I find it difficult to complain considering the summer we’ve had.

I want moooooooooooooooooooooore summer :crying: Weve got plenty of autumn, winter, spring to come to get rain. Iveso loved riding around in my summer gear. I dont want to wear bulky warm waterproof stuff again :frowning:

My memory is shot…

where was summer? :smiley:

Started early July, went on for about five/six weeks.

Oh, sorry. That was for us blessed Kent people. If you don’t live in the garden of England; tough.